How Strange It Is To Be Anything At All

How strange it is to be anything at all

Instead of allowing ghost estates to become the abandoned alien landing bases they were always intended to become, novel uses for them are being found. A class taught by H.U.R.L has already been using them as a training tool for teaching metaphysics and the unpredictability of reality due to quantum theory. Following their lead field trips from the more established universities are in the planning stages.

From A Guide To Here Nor There: An Affectionate Tour of Co. Leitrim

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HURL at Gracelands

This year at Gracelands HURL invite you to take part in “Wait Til I Tell You…” a one on one learning exchange in which you will swap knowledge with multiple partners. All you need to do in order to participate is to pick a subject on which you have either hard or soft knowledge. You will have three minutes to tell a partner about it…. Your partner will then have three minutes to reciprocate and tell you about their chosen subject. A bell will ring and you will move on to a new partner and repeat this process. On Saturday evening at Gracelands, members of HURL will be demonstrating this procedure at their “Wait Til I Tell You…” booth where you will be able to sign up to take part in the grand exchange which will happen at The Blue Devon in Dromahair from 1pm on Sunday.

Listening to Callan – HURL at Commonage

HURL is delighted to be taking part in this years “Commonage” Project at the Abhainn Rí Festival in Callan Town, County Kilkenny. It runs for a week kicking off this Saturday 29 July 2010 at the Festival Office in P. Fennelly’s Pub on Bridge Street in Callan. This will also be the location of HURL’s installation for the festival. Click here for our page on their website.


Listening to Callan (2010)

Listening to Callan
is an audio tour of Callan as told through the voices of its people. The resonance of these stories share secrets of Callan’s past and present and imagine its future. For reasons yet unstudied, at the end of this tour you may have an uncontrollable inclination to eat a Keogh’s Rustic Loaf.

H.U.R.L. at Flat Lakes

Home University of Roscommon and Leitrim (H.U.R.L.) will be at The Flat
Lake Festival in Clones, Co. Monaghan June 4th – 6th. The usual
professors Dominic Stevens, Carol-Anne Connolly, Stephen Rennicks,
Natalia Beylis and Willie Stewart will be joined by Alice Lyons, Colin
McKeown, Vaari Claffey, Will O’Hara, Maggie Connolly, Gareth Carr and Clare Butler.
There will be 10 miniute lectures, the worlds first Speed Exchange Event, The Fiendish Culture Quiz, Ranters Corner for one hour each day and DJ sets from the H.U.R.L. Sound Archive all happening in the tent. If you are around- do pop in!

The Fiendish Culture Quiz

HURL presents an evening of Hurl events: A range of talks & a Popular Quiz like no other. Entertainment, Engagement, Enquiry. Entrance fee 5 euro per person. Max 4 people per team. More information: 0719667088.  Saturday the 10th of April from 7 pm to 11 pm.  At the Oakport Haven in Cootehall, Co. Roscommon.  Follow Signs to Oakport Lake.

An Open Day with Hurl – A Series of Taster Lectures

HURL presents an afternoon of Taster Lectures at the Dock, Carrick on Shannon, Wed 17th February.

Home University Roscommon Leitrim (HURL) presents an open day in conjunction with World Community Arts Day on Wednesday the 17th of February in the Dock Arts Center, Carrick on Shannon.

The program of events will provide an afternoon of stimulus for the mind. HURL resident professors and guests will provide a series of taster lectures and starting points for future discussion and collaborations.

“Taster Lectures” will run in 10 minute segments starting at 3:30. Some of the topics which will be covered are

  • “Understanding Film” with Professor Colin McKeown”
  • “Random Acts of Secret Art” with Professor Natalia Beylis
  • “Local History” with Professor John Cronogue
  • “Collected Inspirations” by Professor Dominic Stevens
  • “Deeper Into Nothing” by Professor Stephen Rennicks
  • “A Reading from Thoreau’s Walking” by Professor Willie Stewart
  • “Research as Part of Practice” by Professor Dan Chester

amongst others. Anyone and everyone is invited to come along and either simply listen or participate in general discussions.

This will be followed by a two hour interactive workshop on “Rethinking Suburban Housing Estates” facilitated by Professor Carol Anne Connelly and Professor Dominic Stevens. The workshop will allow participants to explore the full potential of “ghost estates.” The workshop will run from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Please note, places in this particular workshop are limited and prior booking is essential. Contact Professor Connelly 087-7452586.

World Community Arts Day is an international undertaking now in its fourth year. It is billed as a day to “Be creative about an issue that you believe promotes caring and sharing.” For more information visit the webhub at

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